Thumbs Up Adventure Club

About Us

Thumbs Up Adventure Club (TUAC) was formed in 1993 by two people who wanted to experience some of the more challenging outdoor activities available in New Zealand. These two original members believed that there would be others like them, who would enjoy sharing outdoor adventures with a supportive encouraging group.

TUAC originated from this simple shared vision and is still going strong today.

Maybe you have thought about skydiving, bungy jumping, running a marathon, walking the Milford Track or cycling round Lake Taupo? Our members have risen to these challenges and overcome their fears, to take part in events like these and many others, inspired by the support and encouragement of other members.

There is also a very social side to the club with camping weekends, tramping holidays, BBQs, dinners, theatre and movie nights and weekends away at various locations out of Auckland.

All the photos you see on this website and in the galleries, were taken by members on various events around NZ. Sadly, the Elvis impersonators below, although great singers, are not club members but were very obliging for a photo shoot with the club banner.

If you have an activity you would like to try, advise a committee member and we will do our best to put it in the programme, or the committee will support you in arranging an event of particular interest to you.

TUAC really is the best kept secret in town!


Quotes From Our Members

I have been a member since 2004 - I have made some wonderful friends through TUAC. They are such a friendly and welcoming group.

Loads of fun to be had.


I look forward to getting the newsletter every month to see what's coming up. 


I love that there is such a variety of events for me to choose from. 


I wish I had found TUAC 10 years ago


I love the weekends away - it's great to get out of Auckland and explore other parts of NZ.  We have been to some wonderful "off the beaten track" places - I don't know how the organisers find some of them!